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The Sigma Product Line

Our product line is packed with award-winning lenses, cameras, and strobes. Each video will help you decide which Sigma gear is right for you and your style of photography. We have also included several videos explaining Sigma Lens Technology and showcasing selections of lenses for different styles of photography. Enjoy!

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The Sigma 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM

The Sigma 85mm F 1.4 EX DG lens is a short telephoto that is an essential in many photographers’ camera bags. With amazing versatility, this high speed prime lens does double duty as a great portrait lens on a fullframe camera, and as a spectacular low light action lens when paired with an APS-c format camera.

It’s a perfect lens for portrait photography, whether in the studio or in less formal situations . When shotat a medium aperture of F 8 or F11, it provides incredible sharpness with a perspective that rendersfaces in their proper proportions….without any distortion of features. But shot wide open at the maximum aperture ofF 1.4, the lens produces incredibly shallow depth of field that gives the photographer powerful creativecontrol over the image. With careful use, it can be used to isolate the subjects eyes or direct the viewer’s attention anywhere within the image.