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The Sigma Product Line

Our product line is packed with award-winning lenses, cameras, and strobes. Each video will help you decide which Sigma gear is right for you and your style of photography. We have also included several videos explaining Sigma Lens Technology and showcasing selections of lenses for different styles of photography. Enjoy!

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The Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM

The Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM is an incredibly compact, lightweight, all purpose zoom lens that isready for just about anything! With a 13.8x zoom ratio, It’s a great lens for beginners and enthusiasts, as well as young families that want to capture all their special moments with a single lens for maximum versatility and convenience. This is a lens you can keep on your DSLR almost all the time and be ready for whatever happens next.

And as parents know, magical photo moments with kids can happen in an instant. To be able to quickly zoom out- to take in more of the surroundings— or to quickly zoom in—to focus on a fantastic expression— without missing a moment while fumbling in the camera bag for a longer or wider lens really makes this all-in-one a winner for your family photography.

Another of the great features of this 18-250mm zoom lens is its Optical Stabilizer System that allows for handheld photography even in low light situations – without a tripod!